Step 1: Register a domain. A domain is the address of your website, like “” or “”. Registering an appropriate and snappy domain name gives you a good way to make it easier to find your blog. Registration gives you the option to host your own website, or simply link directly to outside hosting if you would prefer.

Step 2: For those hosting themselves, install WordPress on your server. WordPress is the premier platform for blogging sites, with many tremendous upsides. First, it’s free- there is no charge for using WordPress to organize and design your site. Second, it’s extremely customizable. There are an immense number of “themes” and “plugins” (which are graphic designs and and extra features, respectively) available, many for free or at a low cost.

Step 3: Find a good theme for your site. These can be found any number of places, including WordPress’ official store. We recommend checking out PopularFX for a variety of affordable and visually stunning designs.

Step 4: Write some good posts! This is definitely the most important part of the process. The better your material, the better you’ll do, and there’s no substitute for an interesting, well-written blog post.

Step 5: Share your blog. Once you’ve got some good material put together, let your friends and family know there’s something there.

Step 6: Use Social Media to promote your blog. Share, distribute, and link to your blog on whatever social media platform you use. You don’t have to overpower your friends, just make sure they get a reminder when things update.

Step 7: Look into SEO methods. SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization, and is a broad term for a wide variety of different techniques and tools used to show up more frequently and more prominently when someone uses Google or Bing to look for topics that you discuss.

Step 8: Make use of advertising. It might have a bad name, but there’s nothing wrong with doing a little advertising to get the word out. Several different organizations offer this service, from small shops like Project Wonderful to big businesses like Google Adwords.


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