In any organization, different members will need different information and managing who has access to that information can quickly become a serious headache. This is one area where a few good computers and a few good policies can dramatically simplify that overhead.

A managed network can be arranged with a central data storage device- generally referred to as a Network Attached Storage, or NAS. This type of device can be configured to hold much of the information your workers need. Any time they can connect to your network, this space is ready and waiting for them. This arrangement allows you to more easily manage what information is available to employees by changing access permissions for files or folders- something you can do without physically bringing the files to each worker. When combined with a robust set of security practices, this can keep sensitive information limited to the people that need it.

A side benefit of this centralized storage is that it makes backing up and protecting everything a little more straightforward- it’s much easier to make a copy of everything when it’s all in one place.

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