Every organization has the same problem, you have dozens, if not hundreds of websites that require (and we demand) secure credentials to access their services. Some websites, such as the IRS complicate matters by requiring an id, PIN and other identifier. So you need a secure place to store this information.

If this involved a few websites and you were the only employee, this wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s not a few websites and you don’t want to do everything yourself. You may want to share your firm’s Twitter and Facebook credentials without sharing your personal Linkedin credentials. When you are out of town, you may need access to your bank or social media services from your phone. Scraps of paper and secure spreadsheets fail in many ways. We are recommending the use of LastPass for Families to help your organization resolve the password conundrum. Here are a few reasons for our selection:

  • I have used LastPass since it was offered to the public in 2008, in that time, we have not seen a security breach.
  • For $4 per month you can provide six staff members with access to LastPass, these six members can share unlimited folders, keeping their personal information secure
  • LastPass has a robust export facility allowing your to backup your credentials

Installing and setting up LastPass is probably the most confusing and intuitive part of the LastPass experience, if you want to use LastPass, let me know and we’ll setup a ticket to remotely install LastPass on your computers. Sales, marketing and training are not my areas of expertise, so I will let LastPass cover these topics:     Order     Learn     Families     Android Installer     iPhone Installer

At last count, I had over 1,500 passwords stored in LastPass, I recommend you make use of the folder functionality within LastPass. Also, I use LastPass as a bookmark manager, for example I never remember the site that lets me verify that Intuit paid my employment taxes, so now, I click on the LastPass icon, enter EFTPS in the search field to go to the tax verification site. So another consideration, when you create / save the LastPass site credentials, put multiple search terms in the description field. For example, for the EFTPS site, I store it in my Finance folder with a description of “eftps gov 941 940 irs”, in this way I can search for any of the description words to find my site.

I love LastPass and am happy to chat with you if you have questions.


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