We are implementing a few changes in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We rely on the Department of Homeland Security for guidance for these and other policies related to security. As an essential service, we will remain active in our office where we can be of maximum service to our clients so you can best serve your clients, community, constituents and patients.

Until December 31, all KatyCare Business staff members will receive KatyCare residential service for their home Windows 10 computer at no charge to the staff member or their employer. If you elect to continue this service in 2021, it is available for $15 per month as long as you are employed by a KatyCare Business client. KatyCare Residential service includes security software (eset), system backup and remote assistance.

KatyCare Business clients have systems in place to facilitate remote work by their staff members. However, in many cases we will need to work together to enhance these systems and find innovative solutions to allow you and your coworkers to remain productive. We are committed to helping you and your team.

Until regional stay at home orders and warnings are lifted, on-site visits will be limited to urgent matters that cannot be resolved with remote support, guidance or alternative solutions.

We are no longer serving members of the community without KatyCare agreements.

Please take this time to spend time with family and neighbors, we are in the office Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm. We will be posting updates and remote telework tips on our blog.  I wish you and your family good health!



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