Utilities developed for QuickBooks add considerable value to a fully featured, well supported tool. Our favorite utility developers:
QSalesData QuickBooks Link for Act!
ProperSoft conversion tools to get from CSV/PDF/QFX/OFX/QIF to QBO or IIF format
MoneyThumb convert CSV/QIF/OFX/QFX to QBO
Rick Strah’s QfxToQboConverter by default it uses institution 2200, try 2430, 2153, 7138, 12562 or 2340 from the QB Financial Institutions list if 2200 doesn’t work. You are looking for ACTIVE, BANKING,CREDIT&WEB-CONNECT entries.
TransactionPro Imports most files as QuickBooks transactions or lists, we use this internally.
BigRed Consulting OFX Cleaner converts OFX into QBO files for import into QuickBooks, other utilities such as Donor Statements and A/R Statements Pro create client ready statements ready to mail
Zed Systems import IIF and CSV files into QuickBooks

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