For a small startup business, taking inventory is usually simple and quick- look around, see what’s there, see what’s missing. But as the business grows, and the stuff starts to pile up, using an automated system becomes more advisable and, eventually necessary. If you’re using QuickBooks for your accounting, then you can very quickly add this function to it by upgrading to the Enterprise edition.

QuickBooks is capable of taking a lot of the overhead out of the process, too- as an integrated accounting system, it can track not just parts and numbers, but costs and profits associated with them. There are a lot of integrated security features as well- with multiple users, different permissions and access can be established for each.

For example, Xenex turned a troubled inventory management system into a tight ship, while adding functions that let them delegate data entry-level tasks down from the accounting department to the warehouse, all without leaving the QuickBooks product family.



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