We’ve been getting some questions about the specifics in upgrading to Windows 10, especially regarding costs and compatibility. So here is a rundown of what to expect:

Windows Vista and any previous versions are not being offered a free upgrade. There are concerns- for machines of this age hardware compatibility is an issue, since they are generally using parts from 6+ years ago. The older operating systems are less demanding on your computer’s memory and processor, but that also means compatible parts are often inadequate to handle the increased requirements of current software.

If you are running one of these systems, and your hardware IS compatible with Windows 10, you can purchase an upgrade. It’s important to consider how necessary this is to your usage, however- what kind of security and support you need should be considered. In many cases, it will prove more useful to simply replace an older machine but in other instances, such as for purpose-built computers with no internet access, upgrading could be unnecessary and disruptive.

Computers running Windows 7 or 8 can get the upgrade to 10 for free. In the case of Enterprise-level software, some cases will require a little finagling with the technicalities of licensing, but even that should be quick and not too tortuous. Most users will receive the free upgrade offer directly through windows, regardless of whether they have a business or home version.

To date, there have been some complications with the software update, some of which require skilled attention. We are now offering to manage an upgrade for you, if you feel uncomfortable upgrading on your own or are worried about losing sensitive information.



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