KatyCare maintained systems are fast, reliable and secure due in large part to the policies and procedures we implement by proprietary scripting. From time to time, manual intervention is required to update and optimize our systems. Everything needed is found in the c:\katycomputer.com directory.


  1. Clean up temporary files by running c:\KatyComputer.com\Utility\Cleanup.bat from an Administrative prompt
  2. Restart the computer after Disk Cleanup completes
  3. Update drivers by running c:\KatyComputer.com\Drivers\Snappy\SDI_auto.bat from an Administrative prompt
  4. After Snappy is complete restart the computer
  5. Update Windows by running c:\KatyComputer.com\hkcu.bat from an Administrative prompt
  6. After system restarts, run c:\KatyComputer.com\Utility\Cleanup.bat for a final cleanup

If your system is not performing to your satisfaction, it may be time for a new system. Most systems have a five year life-cycle, if you start with an exceptional system, you will see greater longevity, if you start with a minimal system, you’ll see less useful life.

Let us know if you need IT assistance.


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