Remote maintenance includes more than just update management. Using a remote access program, your IT provider can drastically cut the time and cost requirements for small repairs and minor changes. But there’s more to it than that, even: being able to quickly get a complete picture of any problem, quickly and easily, gives a tremendous amount of information that isn’t always available with other repair methods.

If repairs have to be done over the phone, by verbal description and instruction, the tech isn’t left with a complete picture of the problem, which can make it harder to prevent in the future. If your business has to wait for a tech to arrive for basic troubleshooting, it can cost a lot of lost productive time to transit alone, in addition to whatever repairs end up needing to be made.

There are more aspects to remote maintenance as well. By doing regular backups and hardware checks on servers, endpoints, and other devices, many of the most serious problems can be avoided or at least foreseen. Thorough backups also help to minimize the impact of serious problems that crop up unexpectedly.

This isn’t a complete rundown, but it should serve as a good baseline for understanding what goes into your RMM service! I hope you’ll find it helpful.



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