With your Google calendar secret address in iCal format (“iCal url”), you, your family and colleagues can view your calendar in Outlook, to get the iCal url needed by Outlook.

To get the iCal url:

  1. Go to your Google calendar, login if necessary
  2. Select the Options button (Settings & Sharing) next to your calendar:

  3. Select Integrate Calendar:

  4. Then copy Secret address in iCal format (iCal url):

  5.  Open Outlook Calendars, right click on Other Calendars | Add Calendar | From Internet:

  6. Paste the iCal url into Outlook & subscribe to updates:

  7. Click advanced button to name the calendar something meaningful, then click “OK” & “Yes”:

  8. Outlook will have both calendars:


Let us know if you need help with any of this.

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