When we sent our first marketing communication via email, it was 1994 and the world was a simpler place, I collected a few hundred emails and proceeded to tell everyone at the University of Missouri that we had a contract to provide workstations and would welcome their order. Spam blocking was direct and effective, we were told in no uncertain terms to never do that again. Today, we require more complex solutions to make certain our communications are legitimate. Our copiers, phone systems and CRM systems haven’t kept up.

Fortunately, we have a few ways to resolve these issues, for the old copier or SMTP mail client, we recommend email-relay or hMailServer these free solutions allow you to setup a relay mail server in your office, the relay server accepts messages from your local devices, then forwards the message to your corporate mail server where it can be forwarded to its final destination. email-relay offers a nice diagram to explain this process:

Our friends at Keystroke offer qmail a handy email utility that is built into Act4Outlook that allows you to send one-off emails to Outlook, or any other email client that you have selected as your default email program, while recording it reliably to Act! History.


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