Sales-oriented businesses will be familiar with the idea of a CRM – Customer Relationship Management – program. Act! is the CRM software we support at Katy – it’s a powerful program, capable of being remotely accessible, and includes powerful tools for scheduling and logging contact with your customers and prospects. Act! helps automate record keeping, share schedules, and maintain a list of contacts that can be separated out for multiple salespeople without a lot of administrative overhead spent.

Act! also has a powerful email tool, which can be used to maintain recipient lists for newsletters or reminder notices. This ability to maintain contact with whole groups, using mail merge capabilities and scheduled send times can greatly help in keeping contact with those customers consistent, reliable, and personal.

The access management tools included with the Act! program also help your sales force keep their client lists separate from each other, while maintaining the benefits of a shared database for the contact details. As the business owner, you can assign clients to a salesman, maintain a group pool, or distribute responsibilities however you see fit.

Overall Act! is a powerful tool in establishing and maintaining functional contact with your clients, and can help multiply the effects of your sales force.

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