Act! CRM and Growth Suite

by | Aug 29, 2019

At some point in their growth, almost every company will need a CRM – Customer Relationship Management – program. Act! is the CRM software we support at Katy – it’s a powerful program, capable of being remotely accessible, and includes powerful tools for scheduling and logging contact with your customers and prospects. Act! helps automate record keeping, share schedules, and maintain a list of contacts that can be separated out for multiple salespeople without a lot of administrative overhead spent.

Act! also has a powerful email tool, which can be used to maintain recipient lists for newsletters or reminder notices. This ability to maintain contact with whole groups, using mail merge capabilities and scheduled send times can greatly help in keeping contact with those customers consistent, reliable, and personal.

The access management tools included with the Act! program also help you keep your clients organized, while maintaining the benefits of a shared database for the contact details. As the business owner, you can assign clients to an employee, maintain a group pool, or distribute responsibilities as needed or on the fly.

Act! offers both on-premises and cloud-based solutions, covering a variety of needs. For organizations looking to gear up on marketing, Act! has designed their Growth Suite offering, which combines data management tools with powerful email campaigns, and expanded reporting functions designed to help customers create and assess their outreach programs. Act! Growth Suite is integrated with many popular apps and programs, including both Outlook and Quickbooks, to keep your information up to date across the entire business.

The Growth Suite also has access to several expanded tools, including the Act! Companion App, which lets you access your information wherever you bring your mobile device. The Dynamic Sales Pipeline Management functions help you track the status of your prospects, while also capturing all the details of your sales process for refinement and analysis.

The Act! Growth Suite always comes with top-notch technical support direct from the Act! team, so you can count on a quick recovery from any problems that might crop up.

Here at Katy we use the marketing, sales, and organizational tools provided in Act!, and we recommend it to our customers because of the benefits we see from it. The data and customer insights we get help drive our business, and keep us in play in a competitive field.